David Lang

Artist: Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
Composers: Jack Dangers, Mason Bates, Glenn Kotche
Performers: Bill Ryan, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
45 Years after: Terry Riley's kaleidoscope turns
Artist: Todd Reynolds
Composers: Todd Reynolds, Phil Kline, Michael Gordon
Performers: Todd Reynolds, Ken Thomson
Digifiddling to the max
Artist: Danny Holt
Composers: Caleb Burhans, Lona Kozik, Jascha Narveson
Performers: Danny Holt
Piano Olympics
Artist: ETHEL
Composers: Don Byron, John Halle, Julia Wolfe
Performers: ETHEL, Cornelius Dufallo, Mary Rowell
The perfect answer to Light
Artist: The Crossing
Composers: William Brooks, David Lang, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
Performers: The Crossing
Contemporary works for women's choir
Artist: Maya Beiser
Composers: J.S. Bach, Michael Gordon, Imogen Heap
Performers: Maya Beiser
Reverie and meditation
Artist: Trevor Babb
Composers: Steve Reich, Paul Kerekes, David Lang
Performers: Trevor Babb
Feel the burn
#1 021
Artist: Shank - Hagedorn Duo
Composers: Ian Krouse, Alf Houkom, Maria Kalaniemi
Performers: Leslie Shank, Joseph Hagedorn, Laura Sewell
Far away so close
#1 056
Artist: Quince Ensemble
Composers: David Lang
Performers: Quince Ensemble, Amanda DeBoer, Kayleigh Butcher
More Bay Ridge than Bayreuth