Fred Ho

Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Ruth Margraff, Mac McGill
Performers: Art Hirahara, David Bindman, Fred Ho
Manga comic book with CD and two illustrated stories: Deadly She-Wolf and Momma's Song
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Hoyt Axton, Jimi Hendrix
Performers: Fred Ho, Green Monster Big Band
Quite the year
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Park Bum-hoon, Eve People of Ghana
Performers: Fred Ho, Afro Asian Music Ensemble
Jazz in honor of people, leaders, and the cause
Artist: NYFA Music/Sound Fellows
Composers: Annie Gosfield, David van Tieghem, Joseph Bertolozzi
Performers: Nicolas Maza, Samuel Claiborne, Elliott Sharp
25 Years of New York New Music
Artist: Brooklyn Sax Quartet
Composers: David Bindman, Fred Ho, Duke Ellington
Performers: Brooklyn Sax Quartet, Chris Jonas, David Bindman
The sax is a path to the truth, four of them more so
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Ruth Margraff
Performers: Afro Asian Music Ensemble, Shyaporn Theerakulstit
Once upon a time in Chinese America...