Mark Engebretson

Artist: Susan Fancher
Composers: Morton Subotnick, Reginald Bain, Mark Engebretson
Performers: Susan Fancher
Saxophone/Electronic convergence
Artist: Richard Dirlam
Composers: Jacques Charpentier, Marius Constant, Edison Denisov
Performers: Richard Diriam, Marius Constant, Edison Denisov
A smorgasbord of saxism
Artist: Susan Fancher
Composers: Alexander Wagendristel, Ben Johnston, Giacinto Scelsi
Performers: Susan Fancher, Yoko Yamada
Fall in love with the sax all over again
Artist: Mark Engebretson
Composers: Mark Engebretson
Performers: Alexander Wagendristel, Brooks Whitehouse, Inara Zandmane
Description the cardinal and the crow
Artist: James Romain
Composers: William Dougherty, Jianjun He, Mark Engebretson
Performers: James Romain, Nicholas Roth, Mark Engebretson
Minds of our generation