Shulamit Ran

Artist: Dolce Suono Trio
Composers: Jennifer Higdon, Andrea Clearfield, Zhou Tian
Performers: Dolce Suono Trio, Mimi Stillman, Nathan Vickery
A thrilling trialogue
Artist: Edna Michell
Composers: John Tavener, Shulamit Ran, Chen Yi
Performers: Edna Michell, Yehudi Menuhin, Cantilena Piano Quartet
Edna Michell, Yehudi Menuhin, and friends around the world dedicate their work to universal compassion through music
#1 043
Artist: Jennie Oh Brown
Composers: Shulamit Ran, Carter Pann, Valerie Coleman
Performers: Jennie Oh Brown, Carter Pann, Kurt Fowler
In memory of grandmothers
Artist: Randall Harlow
Composers: Samuel Adler, Matt Darriau, Michael Daugherty
Performers: Randall Harlow, Matthew Andreini, Stephen Burns
Contemporary organ works by American masters, 1990-2015