Christopher Kendall

Christopher Kendall

Part Three of the 20th Century Consort's epic trilogy
Allan Schindler
George Rochberg
Joseph Schwantner
Maurice Wright
20th Century Consort
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new classical

Washington, DC

Release Date: 
Jul 5, 2005
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1 CD
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Pablo Picasso, artist and philosopher extraordinaire, once stated that to finish a work was to rid it of its soul. Well, he was wrong. The final installment of the Smithsonian's 20th Century Consort series is anything but a calming summation. Rather, this unparalleled experience seems to magnify the energy and virtuosity of its predecessors, if such a thing is possible.

This collection combines some of the best of today's new classical composers with artists who portray music like no one else can. The result? An anthology that dares to capture the breadth and beauty of America's new music spectrum. Composers Allan Shindler, Maurice Wright, Joseph Schwantner, and George Rochberg offer their unique voice to energize the world. From the haunting mystery of Take Me Places to Electikaleidoscope's "pure diatonicism to the most complex chromaticism", the masterful combination of acoustic and electronic mediums in this collection is inspiring. Leaving us convinced that even Mr. Picasso would shout "Bravo!" at its conclusion.