American Accents

American Accents

Seattle takes on Pittsburgh
David Stock
Seattle Symphony
Gerard Schwartz
David Stock
Susan Gulkis Assadi
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new classical

Seattle, WA

Release Date: 
Apr 27, 2004
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1 CD
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Word association: Pittsburgh… Seattle… 

If your answers were David Stock and Symphony, you’d be right. Stock, lifelong pillar of the Pittsburgh new music world, and Seattle, home of one of the country’s finest (maybe dampest too) orchestras have just teamed up in a more-than-sister-city-ly way on this new Innova release. 

American Accents features three of Stock’s major orchestra works in colorful and gripping renditions led by maestro Gerard Schwarz. Stock’s middle name is Color (or it might as well be); he creates some of the most spellbinding combinations of it since Monet. 

Those who associate Orchestra with Tedium will be disappointed. Anyone who heard Stock’s last Innova release (Speaking Extravagantly; String Quartets played by Cuarteto Latinoamericano) will understand. 

As hunter to elephant, Stock does not shy away from the orchestral behemoth. He is equally unafraid of tempering his prickly Modernist roots with lyrical, tonal warm fuzzies. You will not only admire this music, you will like it too.



Stock's [music] at its most difficult is exciting and driving, and at its most accessible is melodic and sophisticated. As the touching melodies swirl and the harmonies undulate, Stock darkens the mood only to raise it again. ...un-cliched and touchingly nostalgic. - Andrew Druckenbrod


Strongly recommended. Overall, this is a very strong disc, and extremely well played by one of America's finest orchestras. Gerard Schwarz has championed numerous composers throughout his career. Susan Gulkis Assadi plays with a beautifully warm sound in the viola concerto, which fits the nature of the work perfectly. - Carson Cooman


Important and solidly crafted music... making his major-label recording debut, [DS] has emerged from the academic serialist swamp to become one of the most compelling composers of his generation.... one of our most distinguished and fascinating mature composers. - Paul A. Snook