Art from Ashes, Vol.1

Art from Ashes, Vol.1

Defiant music from the camps
David Stock
Erwin Schulhof
Herman Berlinski
Paul Schoenfield
Robert Dauber
Music of Remembrance
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new classical
solo voice
in memoriam

Auschwitz, Poland

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Dec 2, 2002
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Digital Only
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The Nazi regime banned performances by Jewish composers, but there were courageous musicians who dared to create even in the ghettos and death camps. Art from Ashes unearths some of their chamber works and celebrates the irrepressible human spirit. 

Sachsenhausen (Theresienstadt), Terezin, Auschwitz, and Wülzburg gave birth to some of these works by composers whose names are barely remembered; Dauber, Berlinski, Schulhoff… New works by Paul Schoenfield and David Stock also appear, commissioned by Music of Remembrance, the Seattle-based organization dedicated to preserving these treasures. Top-notch performances led by Mina Miller ensure this repertoire will survive in fine form. Includes Camp Songs, 2002 Pulitzer Prize finalist



Raw and tender, aesthetic and grating, international and local, "Art from the Ashes" is a must-hear for those interested in how the Shoah speaks to us today... Seattle may be on the international map for high tech, coffee, and aeronautics, but not, historically, for Jewish classical music. What Music of Remembrance has done with this disc is to grow a grassroots organization into an international player, with grace, talent, and power. we eagerly anticipate the upcoming volumes. - Avida and Ruth Navarre


From the opening swoop of Laura DeLuca's expert clarinet, there's a lot of fine playing and singing on this disc of works from the Music of Remembrance series (which performs music inspired by, or dating from, the Holocaust). Two very expressive singers, Erich Parce and Julie Mirel, extract the maximum drama from Paul Schoenfield's fiercely ironic "Camp Songs," premiered last year on the series. You'll also hear Jody Schwarz's big, supple flute sound in Herman Berlinski's Flute Sonata (with series director Mina Miller) and David Stock's telling "A Vanished World" (another premiere), as well as works of Erwin Schulhoff and Robert Dauber. What distinguishes this disc, as with the series, is the very high quality of playing from these artists and such top string players as Mikhai Shmidt, David Tonkonogui, Leonid Keylin and Susan Gulkis Assadi. - Melinda Bargreen


A fascinating and powerful disc--the contemporary composers' responses to the Holocaust no less than the rediscovered works by the geniuses whose careers were tragically cut short. Music of Remembrance performs an invaluable service. - Gavin Borchert