The musical nomad
Marc Anderson
Enrique Toussaint
Kevin Nord
Laura Mackenzie
Bruce Henry
Sowah mensah
Dean Magraw
Peter Ostroushko
Marc Anderson
Barbara Cohen
Catalog Number: 
new music
Meditative (neo New Age)

Saint Paul, MN

Release Date: 
Sep 25, 2002
Liner Notes: 
Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
2.The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born06:20$0.99
4.French Bourrees04:50$0.99
5.I Was So Seldom Alone05:12$0.99
6.Red Red06:07$0.99
7.Austin Daiko08:26$0.99
8.People are Leaving06:34$0.99
9.Red Shift06:01$0.99
One Sheet: 

Master percussionist, musical nomad, Marc Anderson has long been associated with Steve Tibbetts and his brand of elegant world fusion. 

In addition to Marc’s own playing on berimbau, mbira, steel drums and African drums, Ruby features an all-star cast of global musicians including: Barb Cohen, vocals; Laura Mackenzie, bagpipes; Dean Magraw, guitar, Sowah Mensa, water drums; Peter Ostroushko, fiddles; and Enrique Toussaint, bass. The Enhanced CD also features a music video and an interactive game where you too can play with Marc’s wild collection of instruments at the touch of a mouse. 

"A percussionist with a global perspective but a unique personal style, Anderson has created a record finally worthy of the oft-butchered term "world fusion." Working with an unusually diverse group of musicians from world, folk, jazz and experimental backgrounds, Anderson's dream-like creations are thoroughly unique." - CD Roots



Master of all that is percussive, Marc Anderson offers Ruby as a trans-global travelogue. This potpourri of cultures is a sophisticated shrinking world palette that shifts effortlessly from one ethnic voice to another as a sort of gently turning prism that shines the hues of Africa and the Middle East through Andersen's drums. On this album Anderson plays dumbek, frame drums, clay pots, berimbau and more. - Tom Schulte


With the magic of electronics (as well as an incredible ear and lots of talent as a percussionist) Marc Anderson has mastered the elusive genre of "world fusion," blending steel drums seamlessly with bagpipes and period flutes. Special features on this enhanced CD include a music video and an interactive "game" where you can make your own mixes using Marc Anderson's menagerie of bizarre sounds.


In many ways, "Ruby" is a much deeper work than his prior solo effort "Time Fish", and at the same time, calmer, more centered. Very Buddhist. For anyone who appreciates gorgeous tapestries of sound, this CD is a real find. - Brian Arnold


The compositions are maticulously detailed, making the music rich and joyful to listen to. This CD serves as perfect reference for future percussionist and a beautiful listening experience to all music lovers. The CD's production and sound quality are excellent, thanks to the hard work of Preston Wright and Philip Blackburn of Innova records. The cd is also enhanced which includes a great video and a great biography of Marc. I believe that Marc should continue to develop his masterful personal signature in music because it has made quite an impact to the "Twin Cities" community and to the world. "Ruby" is a "must have" in anyone's library of great percussive music. - Travis Wade Evans