Sonic Circuits VI

Seven of the best in six (1998)
Warren Burt
David Barnes
Paul Koonce
Pedro Rebelo
Andre Ruschkowski
Rasmus B. Lunding
Stephen Montague
Warren Burt
David Barnes
Paul Koonce
Pedro Rebelo
Andre Ruschkowski
Rasmus B. Lunding
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London, United Kingdom

Release Date: 
Jan 1, 1998
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1 CD
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Warren Burt (Australia): La Strega Bianca Della Luna II (The White Witch of the Moon) 8:06 A sensuous drone of multiple superimposed equal temperaments pulse you to oblivion for a while.

David Barnes (MA): Panic in Legoland 5:10 Barnes is handy with a multi-track tape recorder but it has not necessarily sped up his compositional process; this high-energy work took 8 months to complete and features, among other things, the sounds of scissors, a chain saw, a box of Legos, and circuit-bent gizmos. 

Paul Koonce (NJ): Walkabout 16:30 Koonce’s interest in the integration of environmental sounds with instrumental music took him down a “walkabout path,” resulting in this compelling piece which examines the importance placed on style in music today. Winner of the 1998 Bourges Prize. 

Pedro Rebelo (Scotland): 1st of 3 Shorts About Noise and Rhythm 3:13 Just that. 

Andre Ruschkowski (Germany): Les pas interieurs (Inner Steps) 11:12 The sounds of peoples’ footsteps walking or running in the unusual acoustic environment outside the composer’s studio—combined with the wonders of granular synthesis. 

Rasmus B. Lunding (Denmark): Det Noedvendige (The Necessity) 14:15 Post-punk guitarist and engineer Lunding has crafted a sensuous and eerie setting of a Danish poem by noted environmental writer Thornkild Bjornvig. 

Stephen Montague (England): Tigida Pipa 9:30 Montague spent six years revising this peice after its completion; the result consists of invented words and percussive sounds, all of which contain an inherent rhythmic structure that serves to move the work through a series of high speed twists and turns. 


Very impressive material…It was refreshing to hear music of such originality and quality

- Tom Dean, WOUI