Marketing Hints

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Marketing Hints

Recruit everyone on your CD to contact family, friends, coworkers, e-buddies and heroes extolling the virtues of this new CD. Remember, you now have a tangible reason to introduce yourself to anyone and give them your music.

Make postcards, tchotchkas, fridge magnets, matchboxes, T-shirts, bumper stickers with the CD and emblazoned on them.

Throw a party (it's a hook for the news media, so flaunt it)

Take your CD for consignment to local stores (meet the buyer, chat, buy some stuff, check back later)

Use the Internet. Do Google searches on any angle you can think of. Have inova set up your Reverbnation account so can can customixe player widgets and throw them on Facebook, MySpace, etc. Participate in the innovadotmu Facebook action. Make and post Youtube videos... Tweet.

Keep CDs in the trunk of your car At All Times

If you have friends in the media feel free to service them with promo copies; just let innova know who you have given them to. We will do likewise and avoid duplication.

There's more but we don't want to give the baby away with the bathwater, so get on the label and ask us for our secret tips. Remember to match your expectations with reality so as not to be disappointed; it is too easy to say your record didn't sell because the label didn't push it. It's a shared responsibility. Just be glad you don't have to play the shell game of accounts with the consignment "sales" and returns...