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Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Park Bum-hoon, Eve People of Ghana
Performers: Fred Ho, Afro Asian Music Ensemble
Jazz in honor of people, leaders, and the cause
Artist: DuoJalal
Composers: David Krakauer, Derek Bermel, Yousif Sheronick
Performers: DuoJalal, Yousif Sheronick, Kathryn Lockwood
DuoJalal A Different World
Artist: Robert Moran
Composers: Robert Moran
Performers: Dan Moore, Iowa Percussion
Dan Moore and Iowa Percussion perform the graphic scores of Robert Moran
Artist: Graham Reynolds
Composers: Graham Reynolds, Duke Ellington, Adrian Quesada
Performers: Golden Arm Trio
Three sets, three visions
Artist: Graham Reynolds
Composers: Graham Reynolds, Octopus Project, Adrian Quesada
Performers: Graham Reynolds, Jonathan Dexter
Not so much the precursor of the computer as an inspired concerto with remixes
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Hoyt Axton, Jimi Hendrix
Performers: Fred Ho, Green Monster Big Band
Quite the year
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Ruth Margraff, Mac McGill
Performers: Art Hirahara, David Bindman, Fred Ho
Manga comic book with CD and two illustrated stories: Deadly She-Wolf and Momma's Song
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: Charlotte Applebaum, Mark Applebaum, Molly Barth
Music by the yard
Artist: Paul Elwood
Composers: Paul Elwood
Performers: Paul Elwood, John Hartford, Matthew Combs
When worlds collide
Artist: Andrew Rindfleisch with Zeitgeist
Composers: Andrew Rindfleisch, Pat O'Keefe, Zeitgeist
Performers: Zeitgeist
Running the whole gamut and beyond
Artist: Benjamin Broening with Duo Runedako
Composers: Benjamin Broening
Performers: Duo Runedako, Ruth Neville, Daniel Koppelman
Ecstatic night-time pianism
Artist: Maggi Payne
Composers: Maggi Payne
Performers: Maggi Payne
So glacial you'll need a coat
Artist: Neil Rolnick
Composers: Neil Rolnick
Performers: Neil Rolnick, Bob Gluck, ETHEL
No place like home for family, faith, and frailty
Artist: Phillip Schroeder
Composers: Phillip Schroeder
Performers: Phillip Schroeder, Erin Bridgeman, Jennifer Amox
Lushly scintillating
Artist: Andrew Violette
Composers: Andrew Violette
Performers: Ben Capps
Exuberant cello romping