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Artist: Judy Dunaway
Composers: Judy Dunaway
Performers: Judy Dunaway, Tom Chiu, FLUX Quartet
Blood of the Amazon, breath of life, milk of music; it's all here.
Artist: Yoav Gal / Yael Kanarek
Composers: Yoav Gal, Yael Kanarek
Performers: Evann Siebens, Sarah Rivkin, Yoav Gal
Remember the Atari?
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: inauthentica, Mark Applebaum, Stanford Jazz Orchestra
Non-metric in more ways than one
Artist: Mark Engebretson
Composers: Mark Engebretson
Performers: Alexander Wagendristel, Brooks Whitehouse, Inara Zandmane
Description the cardinal and the crow
Artist: Matt Steckler
Composers: Matt Steckler
Performers: Matt Steckler, Curtis Fowlkes, Lonnie Plaxico
Beyond Dead Cat Bounce
Artist: John Belcher
Composers: John Belcher
Performers: Abdul Mateen, Alioune Cissoko, Bolu Fatunmise
No saint, no blinding lights, just one man's complex universe
Artist: Electropolis
Composers: Electropolis, Kelly Rossum, Michael Ferrier
Performers: Electropolis, Kelly Rossum, Michael Ferrier
Restless Leg Syndrome for your ears.
Artist: Andrew Violette
Composers: Andrew Violette
Performers: Andrew Violette
Some of the music is not pretty
Artist: Barry Schrader
Composers: Barry Schrader
Performers: Barry Schrader
Bebe's whirlwind of emotion
Artist: Henry Gwiazda
Composers: Henry Gwiazda
Performers: Henry Gwiazda
nothing but waiting. nothing and waiting.
Artist: Zeitgeist
Composers: Philippe Costaglioli, Scott Miller, Zeitgeist
Performers: Philippe Costaglioli, Scott Miller, Zeitgeist
Now, close your eyes…
Artist: Victor Zupanc
Composers: Victor Zupanc
Performers: Victor Zupanc
Soundtrack for a Chinese Icarus
Artist: Society for New Music
Composers: Michael Gandolfi, R. Murray Schafer
Performers: Society for New Music
Two future classics for children
Artist: Music from Stanford
Composers: Alex Hills, Atau Tanaka, Charles Nichols
Performers: Ann Yi, Armelle Orieux, Atau Tanaka
It's complicated
Artist: David Dzubay
Composers: David Dzubay
Performers: David Dzubay, Kirk Trevor, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
There's more to this than lovehandles.