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Artist: Gao Hong
Composers: Gao Hong
Performers: Gao Hong, James Newton, Shubhendra Rao
Traditional music of an imaginary nation
Artist: Douglas Ewart
Composers: Douglas Ewart
Performers: Douglas Ewart, Louis Alamayehu, Steve Goldstein
Inside the didjeridu
Artist: Dead Cat Bounce
Composers: Matt Steckler
Performers: Dead Cat Bounce, Matt Steckler, Arie Werbrouck
A sly anti-catatonic cantilever across the mainstream!
Artist: George Cartwright
Composers: Adam Linz, Don Pullen, Frank Wright
Performers: Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda, George Cartwright
Ponycat on the loose
Artist: CTB
Composers: Chris Beaty, CTB
Performers: Chris Beaty, Jim Anton, Ken Chastain
21st Century exotica
Artist: Present Music
Composers: Jerome Kitzke, Michael Torke, Kimmo Hakola
Performers: Present Music, Kevin Stalheim
Not too angsty
Artist: Zeitgeist
Composers: Yoko Ono, Michelle Kinney, Beth Custer
Performers: Michelle Kinney, Beth Custer, Zeitgeist
Eight decades of women in experimental music
Artist: David Dzubay
Composers: David Dzubay
Performers: Voices of Change, Heidi Dietrich Klein, Jac Alder
Voices of Change
Artist: Andrew Violette
Composers: Andrew Violette
Performers: Andrew Violette
Epic piano sonata becomes religious ritual.
Artist: David Stock
Composers: David Stock
Performers: Seattle Symphony, Gerard Schwartz, David Stock
Seattle takes on Pittsburgh
Artist: John Howell Morrison
Composers: John Howell Morrison
Performers: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble, Maria Jette, Troy Gardner
Eloquent music of struggle, crisis, and overcoming
Artist: Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng
Composers: Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng
Performers: William Lowe, Jay Hoggard, Wes Brown
Feel the beat
Artist: Darrell Katz
Composers: Darrell Katz
Performers: Rebecca Shrimpton, Jazz Composers Alliance (JCA) Orchestra, Abby and Norm Group
Mystic visionary comes to life with a big band behind her.
Artist: Andrew Drury
Composers: Andrew Drury
Performers: Andrew Drury, Briggan Krauss, Chris Speed
Dream-team runs amok
Artist: Royal Hartigan Ensemble
Composers: Tanjore Ranganathan, David Bindman, Danongan Kalanduyan
Performers: Blood Drum Spirit, royal hartigan, David Bindman
"Drumming is spirit." I work to give my blood through the drum to share that spirit.