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Artist: Antares
Composers: Carter Pann, George Tsontakis, James Matheson
Performers: Antares, Eric Huebner, Garrick Zoeter
Reach for the stars.
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: Stanford Symphony Orchestra, Eric Bartlett, Mark Applebaum
What's the Danish word for Marshmallows?
Artist: Society for New Music
Composers: Steven Stucky, Brian Israel, Elizabeth Alexander
Performers: Society for New Music
30 years of commissions by the Syracuse Society for New Music.
Artist: The Industrial Jazz Group
Composers: Andrew Durkin
Performers: The Industrial Jazz Group
Not that kind of "industrial."
Artist: Victoria Jordanova
Composers: Victoria Jordanova
Performers: Victoria Jordanova
A never-ending soundtrack of life and death.
Artist: Judith Shatin
Composers: Judith Shatin
Performers: Da Capo Chamber Players, Lucy Shelton, William Zito
Put this dreamtiger in your tank.
Artist: Jeremy Beck
Composers: Jeremy Beck
Performers: Rayanne Dupuis, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
One of the “best new recordings from North America” – Gramophone (June 2006)
Artist: Klein / Kleinsasser
Composers: Joseph Klein, William Kleinsasser
Performers: John Sampen, Nova Ensemble, Todd Markey
Boisterous balance of modernism and mayhem
Artist: Shawn Persinger is Prester John
Composers: Shawn Persinger
Performers: Shawn Persinger
The Art of Modern/Primitive Guitar
Artist: Billband
Composers: Bill Ryan
Performers: Todd Reynolds, Wayne DuMaine, Taimur Sullivan
Rhythmic grooves and driving textures from New York's finest.
Artist: Andrew Violette
Composers: Andrew Violette
Performers: Andrew Violette, Sherry Zannoth, Brad Cresswell
Art songs from a mold smasher
Artist: Lucy Wenger
Composers: Paul Schoenfield, Janice Giteck, Bill Rea
Performers: Lucy Wenger
A breath of fresh pianistic air. No bugs.
Artist: 20th Century Consort
Composers: Gerald Chenoweth, Joseph Schwantner, Richard Wernick
Performers: 20th Century Consort, Lucy Shelton
one soprano, no tenors
Artist: 20th Century Consort
Composers: George Crumb, Maurice Wright, William Penn
Performers: 20th Century Consort
Chamber music from the Smithsonian
Artist: Paul Austerlitz
Composers: Michael S. Harper, Paul Austerlitz
Performers: Michael S. Harper, Paul Austerlitz
Jazz-Poetry Conversations for mouth and bass clarinet