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Artist: Musikanten
Composers: Robert Evett
Performers: Musikanten, Kerry Krebill
Liturgical gems
Artist: John Morton
Composers: John Morton
Performers: John Morton, David Loewus, Steve Hardwick
Not your grandmother's music box
Artist: Teresa McCollough
Composers: Tomas Svoboda, Alex Shapiro, Charles Griffin
Performers: Teresa McCollough
Jazz idioms, modernistic sonatas, and elegiac styles. A little bit of column A, B, and C, please.
Artist: Dan Moses Schreier / Dan Hurlin
Composers: Dan Moses Schreier, Dan Hurlin
Performers: Alan Johnson, Bruce Coughlin, Rebecca Patterson
Down Main Street through the cornfields to 42nd Street.
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Ruth Margraff
Performers: Afro Asian Music Ensemble, Shyaporn Theerakulstit
Once upon a time in Chinese America...
Artist: Brooklyn Sax Quartet
Composers: David Bindman, Fred Ho, Duke Ellington
Performers: Brooklyn Sax Quartet, Chris Jonas, David Bindman
The sax is a path to the truth, four of them more so
Artist: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Composers: Les Baxter, Joey Altruda, Ira Newborn
Performers: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble, Duane Schulthess, Janet Gottschall Fried
Bachelor pad noir lounge exotica
Artist: Mdewakanton Pow Wow Association
Composers: George Squirrelcoat, Mazakute, Traditional Dakota and Lakota
Performers: Bain Wilson, Colin Wilson, George Squirrelcoat
Music, story, song and dance commemorating the US-Dakotah Conflict of 1862
Artist: Bowed Metal Music
Composers: Peter Warren, Matt Samolis
Performers: Peter Warren, Matt Samolis
The universal cymbal
Artist: Jon Deak
Composers: Jon Deak
Performers: 20th Century Consort, William Sharp, Christopher Kendall
Dickens in 3D
Artist: Paul Schoenfield
Composers: Paul Schoenfield
Performers: Thomas Sperl, Michael Sachs, Charles Bernard
A light and satisfying blend
Artist: Richard Dirlam
Composers: Jacques Charpentier, Marius Constant, Edison Denisov
Performers: Richard Diriam, Marius Constant, Edison Denisov
A smorgasbord of saxism
Artist: Rodney Oakes
Composers: Rodney Oakes
Performers: Rodney Oakes
Music for the what?
Artist: David Sherr's ArtMusic Ensemble
Composers: David Sherr, Luciano Berio
Performers: Amy Wilkins, ArtMusic Ensemble, Brain Swartz
Berio vs. Charlie Parker
Artist: Frankie Kelly
Composers: Patricia Ann Repar, Dan Millman, Yehuda Yannay
Performers: Nawal El Saadawi, Jayne Latva, Linda Siegel
New Music from the Americas