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Artist: Amherst Saxophone Quartet
Composers: Leila Lustig, Chan Ka Nin, Andrew Stiller
Performers: Amherst Saxophone Quartet
Yell it from the hilltops, NEW MUSIC IS DEAD!
Artist: PRISM Quartet
Composers: Matt Levy, Tim Ries
Performers: PRISM Quartet
Neither Sur- nor Hyper-, just Real
Artist: Steve Heitzeg
Composers: Steve Heitzeg
Performers: Zeitgeist, House of Hope Childrens Choir, Julia Bogorad
Music in Honor of Nature
Artist: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Composers: Allen Gleck, Astor Piazzola, Frank Zappa
Performers: Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble, Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Minnesota, pre-'Intergalactic'
Artist: Libby Larsen and Caroline Hartig
Composers: Libby Larsen
Performers: Caroline Hartig, Christopher Kachian, David Harding
A fine pairing
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: Mark Applebaum
Mad genius at work
Artist: Bill Banfield
Composers: Bill Banfield
Performers: Charlotte Givens, Dan Michalak, Ellen Weckler
Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Richard Wagner and Claude Debussy you say?
Artist: Yehuda Yannay
Composers: Yehuda Yannay
Performers: David Cowley, Edward Gogolak, James Grine
Catch it soon while it is fresh
Artist: David Dunn
Composers: David Dunn
Performers: David Dunn, Ralph Dudgeon, Ed Harkins
The sound of deep ecology
Artist: Michael Croswell / Metaphor
Composers: Michael Croswell
Performers: Michael Croswell, Metaphor, Nathan Hanson
A quiet journey into beauty
Artist: Sarah Peebles
Composers: Sarah Peebles
Performers: Sarah Peebles, Kazue Mizushima, Bugaku Percussion Ensemble
"Slow moving and enchanting" with "hot crickety sounds", Japanese shô, processed sounds, ondes Martenot and a roomful of tuned silk strings amplified by paper cups.
Artist: Henry Gwiazda
Composers: Henry Gwiazda
Performers: Henry Gwiazda, Jeffrey Krieger, Ann LaBerge
Twisted and chopped
Artist: Daniel Kingman
Composers: Daniel Kingman
Performers: Richard Cionco, James Een, Susan Lamb Cook
Harlequins, Ghosts and Fantasies
Artist: Carleton Macy
Composers: Carleton Macy
Performers: Adam Kuenzel, Christine Dahl, John Jensen
Haunted by ghosts
Artist: Craig Hultgren
Composers: Charles Norman Mason, Craig Hultgren, John C. Ross
Performers: Craig Hultgren, Keith Collins, Michael Geary
Not your Granny's cello recital