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Artist: Sonic Circuits Festival of Electronic Music and Art
Composers: Takashi Harada, David Claman, Pamela Z
Performers: Takashi Harada, David Claman, Pamela Z
Festival highlights
Artist: Vietnamese Traditional
Composers: Ede, Viet, Nong
Performers: Central Highlands Gong Ensemble, Manh Tuan, Hoang Dat
Historic field recordings
Artist: Alexander String Quartet
Composers: Robert Greenberg, David Dzubay, Marjorie Hess
Performers: Alexander String Quartet
Four quartets
Artist: Dale Warland Singers
Composers: Mary Ellen Childs, Stephen Paulus, Steve Barnett
Performers: Dale Warland Singers
Choral gems
Artist: Kallman Stokes Aubart Davidson Macy
Composers: Daniel Kallman, Eric Stokes, Michael J. Aubart
Performers: the Saxophone Quartet, Eric Finney, Scott Hyslop
Reedy blasts from the past
Artist: Schoenfield Childs Dunner Ultan Campbell
Composers: Paul Schoenfield, Mary Ellen Childs, Leslie B. Dunner
Performers: Young-Nam Kim, Peter Howard, Paul Schoenfield
Oldies but goldies
Artist: Kinney Price Wegren Phillips Kosch
Composers: Michelle Kinney, James R. Price, Thomas J. Wegren
Performers: Michelle Kinney, Tom Cora, Sowah mensah
MCF McKnight Composer Fellows Series
Artist: Tibbetts Olson Gwiazda Devine Moriarty
Composers: Steve Tibbetts, Mike Olson, Henry Gwiazda
Performers: Steve Tibbetts, Marc Anderson, Mike Olson
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