Artist: Ayman Fanous
Composers: Ayman Fanous, Jason Kao Hwang
Performers: Ayman Fanous, Jason Kao Hwang
A very gentle earthquake
Artist: Misfit Toys
Composers: Michael Murphey, Black Sabbath, Chicago
Performers: Misfit Toys, Dan Moore, Matt Wilson
Tongue (and groove) in cheek
Artist: Jason Kao Hwang / EDGE
Composers: Jason Kao Hwang
Performers: Jason Kao Hwang, Taylor Ho Bynum, Joseph Daley
Cross-cultural jazz improvisations by an octet of Chinese and Western instruments
Artist: Dave Phillips & Freedance
Composers: Dave Phillips
Performers: Dave Phillips, John O' Gallagher, Rez Abbasi
Fluid chamber jazz
Artist: Ken Field
Composers: Ken Field
Performers: Ken Field, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Encanti
Music for Dance & Film
Artist: Jeremy Long
Composers: Jeremy Long, Duke Ellington, Irving Gordon
Performers: Jeremy Long, Steven Snyder, Jason Tiemann
Shake it up
Artist: Mobtown Modern Big Band
Composers: Igor Stravinsky, Darryl Brenzel
Performers: Mobtown Modern Big Band
Le Sacre Redux 2.0
Artist: John Yao Quintet
Composers: John Yao
Performers: John Yao, Jon Irabagon, Randy Ingram
The Trombone's musical journey beyond jazz as we know it
Artist: Guy Klucevsek
Composers: Guy Klucevsek, Lars Hollmer
Performers: Guy Klucevsek, Alex Meixner, Brandon Seabrook
Cheaper than a visit to the shrink
Artist: Marc Rossi Group
Composers: Marc Rossi
Performers: Marc Rossi, Lance Van Lenten, Bill Urmson
At peace between two continents
Artist: Creative Music Studio
Composers: Ed Blackwell, Charles Brackeen, David Izenson
Performers: Ed Blackwell, Charles Brackeen, David Izenson
A glimpse into the heart of creative musicmaking
Artist: Talking Drums
Composers: Talking Drums, Abraham Adzenyah, David Bindman
Performers: Talking Drums
A highlife treat for the ears and the feet
Artist: Katie Bull
Composers: Antonio Carlos Jobim, George and Ira Gershwin, Jimmy Van Heusen
Performers: Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Frank Kimbraugh, Harvey Sorgen
Far far out
Artist: Lee Pui Ming
Composers: Lee Pui Ming
Performers: Lee Pui Ming, Bay Atlantic Symphony
Improvising pianism beyond the high seas
Artist: Fred Ho
Composers: Fred Ho, Park Bum-hoon, Eve People of Ghana
Performers: Fred Ho, Afro Asian Music Ensemble
Jazz in honor of people, leaders, and the cause