Artist: Beat Circus
Composers: Brian Carpenter, DJ Hazard, Kurt Weill
Performers: Alec K. Redfearn, Brandon Seabrook, Brian Carpenter
More fun than you can comfortably imagine under a big top.
Artist: Bill Banfield
Composers: Bill Banfield, Miles Davis, Morris Hayes
Performers: Billy Childs, Don Byron, Mark Ledford
There has never been a smoother smoke.
Artist: The Industrial Jazz Group
Composers: Andrew Durkin
Performers: The Industrial Jazz Group
Not that kind of "industrial."
Artist: Shawn Persinger is Prester John
Composers: Shawn Persinger
Performers: Shawn Persinger
The Art of Modern/Primitive Guitar
Artist: Billband
Composers: Bill Ryan
Performers: Todd Reynolds, Wayne DuMaine, Taimur Sullivan
Rhythmic grooves and driving textures from New York's finest.
Artist: Paul Austerlitz
Composers: Michael S. Harper, Paul Austerlitz
Performers: Michael S. Harper, Paul Austerlitz
Jazz-Poetry Conversations for mouth and bass clarinet
Artist: R. Stevie Moore
Composers: R. Stevie Moore
Performers: Dave Gregory, Kramer, R. Stevie Moore
Recording artisan extraordinaire
Artist: Ken Field
Composers: Derek van Beever, Ethan Herschman, Lennie Peterson
Performers: Bob Pilkington, Derek Van Beever, Eric Paull
It's all here - music for the head, the heart, and the feet.
Artist: Sean Noonan
Composers: Aram Bajakian, Sean Noonan, Thierno Camara
Performers: CHiPS, Aram Bajakian, Sean Noonan
Anything but an Eighties nostalgia act
Artist: Gao Hong
Composers: Gao Hong
Performers: Gao Hong, James Newton, Shubhendra Rao
Traditional music of an imaginary nation
Artist: Douglas Ewart
Composers: Douglas Ewart
Performers: Douglas Ewart, Louis Alamayehu, Steve Goldstein
Inside the didjeridu
Artist: Dead Cat Bounce
Composers: Matt Steckler
Performers: Dead Cat Bounce, Matt Steckler, Arie Werbrouck
A sly anti-catatonic cantilever across the mainstream!
Artist: George Cartwright
Composers: Adam Linz, Don Pullen, Frank Wright
Performers: Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda, George Cartwright
Ponycat on the loose
Artist: Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng
Composers: Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng
Performers: William Lowe, Jay Hoggard, Wes Brown
Feel the beat
Artist: Darrell Katz
Composers: Darrell Katz
Performers: Rebecca Shrimpton, Jazz Composers Alliance (JCA) Orchestra, Abby and Norm Group
Mystic visionary comes to life with a big band behind her.