New Music

Artist: Todd Reynolds
Composers: Todd Reynolds, Phil Kline, Michael Gordon
Performers: Todd Reynolds, Ken Thomson
Digifiddling to the max
Artist: David Crowell
Composers: David Crowell
Performers: David Crowell, Grey Mcmurray, Jason Nazary
Diverse, coherent, and captivating too.
Artist: Cornelius Dufallo
Composers: Cornelius Dufallo
Performers: Cornelius Dufallo
Mean playing while the city sleeps
Artist: Danny Holt
Composers: Caleb Burhans, Lona Kozik, Jascha Narveson
Performers: Danny Holt
Piano Olympics
Artist: Present Music
Composers: Elena Kats-Chernin, Randall Woolf, Armando Luna
Performers: Present Music
Tag this one Terrific
Artist: Kitty Brazelton
Composers: Kitty Brazelton
Performers: The Time Remaining Band, David Bryan, John Brauer
Make Time for this
Artist: Brian Dewan
Composers: Brian Dewan
Performers: Brian Dewan, Jamie Barnes, Liverpool Cathedral Bell Ringers
Pealing the bells within
Artist: Neil Rolnick
Composers: Neil Rolnick
Performers: Neil Rolnick, Music from China, Todd Reynolds String Quartet
All groove, no downturns. The charts all point up.
Artist: Numinous
Composers: Joseph C. Phillips
Performers: Numinous, Ben Kono, Dan Willis
The music, silence and clarity of Joseph C. Phillips, Jr.
Artist: Gamelan Son of Lion
Composers: David Simons, John Morton, Barbara Benary
Performers: Gamelan Son of Lion
The lion that roars and booms
Artist: Hildegurls
Composers: Hildegard of Bingen, Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa
Performers: Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa, Eve Beglarian
Out of the nunnery
Artist: Glass Farm Ensemble
Composers: Elizabeth Hoffman, Louis Andriessen, Peter Herbert
Performers: Glass Farm Ensemble, Taimur Sullivan, Orten Fader
Not much in common with rock or jazz, but...
Artist: Douglas J. Cuomo
Composers: Douglas J Cuomo
Performers: Alan Johnson, Amit Chatterjee, Badal Roy
A Chamber Opera with libretto from the Bhagavad Ghita and poetry of Kabir
Artist: Christopher Adler
Composers: Christopher Adler
Performers: Alan Lechusza, Christopher Adler, Colin McAllister
Propulsive chamber funk
Artist: PRISM Quartet
Composers: Jacob TV, Jacob ter Veldhuis
Performers: Timothy McAllister, Zachary Shemon, Matthew Levy
Avant pop with ghetto blaster