New Music

Artist: John Morton
Composers: John Morton
Performers: John Morton, David Loewus, Steve Hardwick
Not your grandmother's music box
Artist: Dan Moses Schreier / Dan Hurlin
Composers: Dan Moses Schreier, Dan Hurlin
Performers: Alan Johnson, Bruce Coughlin, Rebecca Patterson
Down Main Street through the cornfields to 42nd Street.
Artist: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Composers: Les Baxter, Joey Altruda, Ira Newborn
Performers: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble, Duane Schulthess, Janet Gottschall Fried
Bachelor pad noir lounge exotica
Artist: David Macbride
Composers: David Macbride
Performers: Benjamin Toth, Ed Fast, John Wion
Percussive dreams starring Ben Toth
Artist: Michael Croswell / Metaphor
Composers: Michael Croswell
Performers: Michael Croswell, Metaphor, Nathan Hanson
A quiet journey into beauty
Artist: Graham Reynolds
Composers: Graham Reynolds
Performers: Todd Reynolds, Alex Buffum, Elizabeth Warren
A Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Artist: David Crowell
Composers: David Crowell
Performers: David Crowell, Brian Archinal
Melancholy and exuberance at the beach
Artist: Todd Hammes
Composers: William Campbell, Todd Hammes, Michael Hester
Performers: William Campbell, Todd Hammes, Michael Hester
A wide panorama
Artist: Jeffrey Brooks
Composers: Jeffrey Brooks
Performers: Bang on a Can All-Stars, Contemporaneous
A buoyant celebration of life despite suffering
Artist: NYFA Music/Sound Fellows
Composers: Laura Andel, Sylvie Courvoisier, Frank Carlberg
Performers: Elliott Sharp Daniel Binelli, Carl Maguire, Andrew Drury
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the NYFA's Fellowship Program
Artist: Philip Blackburn
Composers: Philip Blackburn
Performers: Philip Blackburn, Bob Paredes, Jane Rigler
From the subterranean to the subconscious
Artist: Mariel Roberts
Composers: Andy Akiho, Sean Friar, Daniel Wohl
Performers: Mariel Roberts
Cello that delivers
Artist: Erdem Helvacioglu
Composers: Erdem Helvacioglu
Performers: Erdem Helvacioglu
Prepared piano goes to the cinema
Artist: Anthony de Mare
Composers: Derek Bermel, Jerome Kitzke, Laurie Anderson
Performers: Anthony de Mare
The Speaking-Singing Pianist
Artist: Gene Pritsker
Composers: Gene Pritsker
Performers: Gene Pritsker, Sound Liberation, Greg Baker
All of the suite with none of the opera.