Libby Larsen

Artist: PRISM Quartet
Composers: Roshanne Etezady, Zack Browning, Tim Ries
Performers: PRISM Quartet, Timothy McAllister, Zachary Shemon
Two dozen 20th birthday greetings for the yeoman sax folk
Artist: Zeitgeist
Composers: Ann Millikan, Chris Gable, Kathy Jackanich
Performers: Zeitgeist, Heather Barringer, Pat O’Keefe
Celebrating Thirty Years of Zeitgeist
Artist: Dale Warland Singers
Composers: Mary Ellen Childs, Stephen Paulus, Steve Barnett
Performers: Dale Warland Singers
Choral gems
Artist: Heartbeats
Composers: Aaron Jay Kernis, Carol Barnett, Carolyn Jennings
Performers: Aaron Jay Kernis, Bradley Greenwald, Brian Kent
Poetry and art songs from the plague era
Artist: Libby Larsen and Caroline Hartig
Composers: Libby Larsen
Performers: Caroline Hartig, Christopher Kachian, David Harding
A fine pairing
Artist: Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Composers: Allen Gleck, Astor Piazzola, Frank Zappa
Performers: Minnesota Contemporary Ensemble, Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble
Minnesota, pre-'Intergalactic'
Artist: Libby Larsen
Composers: Libby Larsen
Performers: Tracey Engleman, Lara Bolton
Songs of strong women
Artist: Randall Harlow
Composers: Samuel Adler, Matt Darriau, Michael Daugherty
Performers: Randall Harlow, Matthew Andreini, Stephen Burns
Contemporary organ works by American masters, 1990-2015