Paul Schoenfield

Artist: Schoenfield Childs Dunner Ultan Campbell
Composers: Paul Schoenfield, Mary Ellen Childs, Leslie B. Dunner
Performers: Young-Nam Kim, Peter Howard, Paul Schoenfield
Oldies but goldies
Artist: Lucy Wenger
Composers: Paul Schoenfield, Janice Giteck, Bill Rea
Performers: Lucy Wenger
A breath of fresh pianistic air. No bugs.
Artist: Paul Schoenfield
Composers: Paul Schoenfield
Performers: Thomas Sperl, Michael Sachs, Charles Bernard
A light and satisfying blend
Artist: Music of Remembrance
Composers: David Stock, Erwin Schulhof, Herman Berlinski
Performers: Music of Remembrance
Defiant music from the camps