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Are you a new music groupie with a blog? The last critic employed by a major newspaper? A devoted radio DJ who has shown up for years to spin tunes only your mother could love? We need each other...

Every month we release albums with amazing sounds and intriguing stories behind them. They come in many different flavors and we want to put them in good hands, ones that will make use of them effectively to spread the word. If you think you are such a person please let us know (by writing to innovaPR at and telling us which piece of the musical pie interests you, what outlet you have to express your musical opinions, and maybe request a few specific titles from the catalog. We want to know your tastes as precisely as possible so in the future we can send only the stuff you'll be likely to love. We'll also put you on our list for a monthly update email exclusively for our industry pals.

In return we only ask that you send us playlists, reviews, or tear sheets so we can share them with our community and forward them to our artists. We send out physical copies or links to private online files, just let us know your preference.

Hey, and even if you are not a fully-credentialed, full-time, professional critic, that's what Customer Comments were invented for. Heard something that sparked a thought? Go to the iTunes or Amazon comments section and post away.