20th Century chamber (guitar) music for the parlor
Ernst Krenek
Hans Erich Apostel
Jonathan Dawe
Milton Babbitt
Olga Gorelli
Paul Hindemith
Robert Martin
William Anderson
Cygnus Ensemble
Marc Wolf
William Anderson
Oren Fader
Catalog Number: 
new classical
Furious Artisans

Princeton, NJ

Release Date: 
Jul 1, 2001
Liner Notes: 
1 CD
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.Rondo for 3 Guitars02:21$0.99
3.Henry's Lullaby01:57$0.99
4.3 Duos: No. 1. Paolo e Francesca01:27$0.99
5.3 Duos: No. 2. Silent Moon01:16$0.99
6.3 Duos: No. 3. Mechanical Man02:13$0.99
7.6 Musiken: I. Der Ton E02:06$0.99
8.6 Musiken: II. Die Melodie02:04$0.99
9.6 Musiken: III. Der Sechsklang02:53$0.99
10.6 Musiken: IV. Der Rhythmus02:24$0.99
11.6 Musiken: V. Die Fantasie03:19$0.99
12.6 Musiken: VI. Der Ton E01:58$0.99
13.Hausmusik, Op. 172: I. Fur Klavier vierhandig01:31$0.99
14.Hausmusik, Op. 172: II. Fur Sopran-Blockflote und Gitarre01:05$0.99
15.Hausmusik, Op. 172: III. Fur zwei Blockfloten und ein drittes Instrument02:06$0.99
16.Hausmusik, Op. 172: IV. Fur Violine und Gitarre01:27$0.99
17.Hausmusik, Op. 172: V. Fur Sopron-Blockflote und Violine00:51$0.99
18.Hausmusik, Op. 172: VI. Fur Violine und Klavier01:30$0.99
19.Hausmusik, Op. 172: VI. For Violine, Klavier, Gitarre, und Sopron-Blockflote00:58$0.99
20.Guitar Variations: Variation 102:11$0.99
21.Guitar Variations: Variation 201:34$0.99
22.Guitar Variations: Variation 302:06$0.99
23.Guitar Variations: Variation 401:25$0.99
24.Under the Tafelmusik07:03$0.99
25.Suite for Guitar, Op. 164: I. Allegro moderato01:00$0.99
26.Suite for Guitar, Op. 164: II. Andante sostenuto01:36$0.99
27.Suite for Guitar, Op. 164: III. Allegretto00:46$0.99
28.Suite for Guitar, Op. 164: IV. Larghetto01:52$0.99
29.Suite for Guitar, Op. 164: V. Allegro01:14$0.99
One Sheet: 

Hausmusik is a collection of American and European music chamber music for the living room. Not that you couldn’t drive to it, play it in the garden, or put it in your iPod, just that it was originally designed for the parlor. 

Hausmusik features classical guitarist William Anderson with his colleagues from the Cygnus Ensemble in stunning performances of 20th c. solo and chamber music. The disc opens with a splashy, irresistable rendition of Hindemith's Rondo for Three Guitars (1925). 

The European works are mirrored by American ones which relate to the home (and architecture) in obvious or surprising ways --Robert Martin's exquisite little piece called Henry's Lullaby was written for Anderson's son Henry. Jon Dawe's Under the Tafelmusik takes the Hausmusik theme into surreal world that time-trips from the 17th century Baroque period to Y2K post-serialism. It is a crazy piece with great rhythmic drive. 



Anderson’s playing is of a high order of dexterity, virtuosity, and brilliance, and is indicative of the tremendous advances made in guitar technique over the past four decades. Prior to that, very few guitarists would have had the skill to even begin to play such demanding works....Guitar aficionados are strongly advised not to miss it. - David Denton


first rate - Bernard Holland


William Anderson is one of our finest guitar players. - Leo Kraft


Performed with warmth tenderness and strength by Mr. Anderson. ...Mr. Anderson soared over the different challenges presented by a difficult, contrapuntally complex solo guitar work by Milton Babbitt. He danced over the virtuosic combinations of rhythms and pitches, at the same time communicating a strong, long-phrased emotional gesture. - Graham McKinley