In Bone-Colored Light

In Bone-Colored Light

An aural spirit of these times...
Anthony Gatto
Ivo Medek
Jerome Kitzke
Kathy Jackanich
Ethan Wickman
Heather Barringer
Patti Cudd
Pat O'Keefe
Shannon Wettstein
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new classical
new music

Saint Paul, MN

Release Date: 
May 25, 2010
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1 CD
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In Bone-Colored Light features a collection of works created for Zeitgeist in the first decade of the new millennium. As an aural portrait of our artistic work of the last 10 years, it reveals the fertile creative relationships we forged and the aesthetic concerns that piqued our artistic curiosity.

As performers, our relationship with these works and the people who created them has been spiritually enlivening, intellectually challenging and joyously transformative.

Each of these works is remarkable, and the artistic voice resonating through each is undeniably singular. As a collection, they represent our zeitgeist. Performed by Heather Barringer, percussion; Patti Cudd; percussion; Pat O'Keefe, woodwinds; and Shannon Wettstein, piano, In Bone-Colored Light features new music composed by Anthony Gatto, Kathy Jackanich, Jerome Kitzke, Ivo Medek and Ethan Wickman.


On this album the folks in Zeitgeist take on the works of some of their favorite composers. In Bone-Colored Light features compositions by six composers: Anthony Gatto, Ivo Medek, Jerome Kitzke, Kathy Jackanich, and Ethan Wickman. These recordings were obviously a labor of love. Zeitgeist is Heather Barringer (percussion), Patti Cudd (percussion), Pat O'Keefe (woodwinds), and Shannon Wettstein (piano). These four individuals spent a great deal of time meticulously recording and mixing these pieces...the precise attention to detail is obvious. Some of these tracks are melodic and somewhat accessible...while others are experimental and bizarre. Challenging music with a distinctly different flavor. This music is remarkably fluid and resonant. Hard to compare this one to anything else or make comparisons (?). The folks at Innova Recordings continue to blow our minds year after year after year... Top pick.

- Babysue