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Artist: Neil Rolnick
Composers: Neil Rolnick
Performers: Alarm Will Sound, Todd Reynolds, Alan Pierson
Nothing to sniff at
Artist: Lawrence Axelrod
Composers: Lawrence Axelrod
Performers: Ensemble Nouvelle Epoque, Lawrence Axelrod
New wine, old bottles, rare treats
Artist: Stephanie Blythe
Composers: Saul Chaplin, Sholom Secunda, Harry Warren
Performers: Stephanie Blythe, Craig Terry
From the Met to your parlor
Artist: Xenia Pestova
Composers: Scott Wilson, Lou Bunk, Andrew Lewis
Performers: Xenia Pestova
A toy piano in the woods: life, death and memory
Artist: Joseph Klein
Composers: Joseph Klein
Performers: Helen Bledsoe, Christopher Deane, James Rogers
Welcome to Klein world
Artist: Viv Corringham
Composers: Viv Corringham
Performers: Viv Corringham
Walking, talking, listening, sounding, remembering, placing
Artist: Matthew Burtner
Composers: Matthew Burtner
Performers: NOISE, Lisa Cella, Mark Menzies
Putting the 'mental' back in instrumental (not to mention environ-)
Artist: Music from the University of Maryland
Composers: Zachary Konick, Bradley Green, William Kenlon
Performers: Rebecca Lloyd, John McDonald, Lux
Artist: Ayman Fanous
Composers: Ayman Fanous, Jason Kao Hwang
Performers: Ayman Fanous, Jason Kao Hwang
A very gentle earthquake
Artist: Mary Kathleen Ernst
Composers: Vivian Fung, Jennifer Higdon, Katherine Hoover
Performers: Mary Kathleen Ernst
Contemporary gems for piano
Artist: Jeremy Beck
Composers: Jeremy Beck
Performers: San Gabriel String Quartet, Nevsky String Quartet, Da Kappo String Quartet
Intriguing intimacy
Artist: Van-Anh Vanessa Vo
Composers: Van-Anh Vanessa Vo, Erik Satie, Kim Sinh
Performers: Van-Anh Vanessa Vo, Kronos Quartet
The Vivid Life of the Left Hand
Artist: Grand Valley State University (GVSU) New Music Ensemble
Composers: Steve Reich
Performers: GVSU New Music Ensemble, Bill Ryan
You may never be the same (stereo CD format)
Artist: Misfit Toys
Composers: Michael Murphey, Black Sabbath, Chicago
Performers: Misfit Toys, Dan Moore, Matt Wilson
Tongue (and groove) in cheek
Artist: The Living Earth Show
Composers: Samuel Carl Adams, Timo Andres, Adrian Knight
Performers: The Living Earth Show, Andrew Meyerson, Travis Andrews
High art but without the crash