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Artist: Gamelan Son of Lion
Composers: David Simons, John Morton, Barbara Benary
Performers: Gamelan Son of Lion
The lion that roars and booms
Artist: Denman Maroney
Composers: Denman Maroney
Performers: Denman Maroney, Theo Bleckmann, Iota Jot Yod
WB Yeats, W Stevens and D Maroney; poetry and music in a perfect domestic partnership
Artist: Michael Fiday
Composers: Michael Fiday, Jack Kerouac, Matsuo Basho
Performers: Bart Feller, Linda Mark, Mantra Percussion Quartet
What do Basho and Kerouac have in common?
Artist: Randall Hall
Composers: Randall Hall, Jonathon Kirk, Christian Lauba
Performers: Randall Hall
between and beyond extremes
Artist: Robert Moran
Composers: Robert Moran
Performers: Ensemble Chrismos, Grassauer Blaserensemble, Iowa Percussion
Meditations, mad kings, and flooding
Artist: Ann Millikan
Composers: Ann Millikan
Performers: Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Grigor Palikarov, Emanuele Arciuli
Shadowy trails and gutsy sounds...
Artist: Hildegurls
Composers: Hildegard of Bingen, Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa
Performers: Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa, Eve Beglarian
Out of the nunnery
Artist: Andrew Violette
Composers: Andrew Violette
Performers: Robert Uchida
Move over, Mr. Goldberg
Artist: Phenomenon of Threes
Composers: Lawrence Moss, Dinu Ghezzo, Richard Brooks
Performers: Keith Underwood, Esther Lamneck, Martha Locker
Chamber Trios for Flute, Clarinet and Piano
Artist: Rudresh Mahanthappa
Composers: Rudresh Mahanthappa
Performers: Rudresh Mahanthappa, Rez Abbasi, Dan Weiss
...and his Indo Pak Coalition
Artist: Adam Niewood
Composers: Adam Niewood
Performers: Adam Niewood, Kristjan Randalu, Jesse Lewis
...and his Rabble Rousers
Artist: John Fitz Rogers
Composers: John Fitz Rogers
Performers: Cameron Britt, Joseph Eller, Lynn Kompass
Music that lingers
Artist: Mark Applebaum
Composers: Mark Applebaum
Performers: Beta Collide, Brian McWhorter, Christopher Froh
Keeps both your feet and ears warm.
Artist: Music from Stanford
Composers: Bruno Ruviaro, Christopher Trebue Moore, Jason Federmeyer
Performers: Christopher Froh, Florian Conzetti, Graeme Jennings
A complex trilogy
Artist: Bill Banfield
Composers: Bill Banfield, John Coltrane, W. Montgomery
Performers: Bill Banfield, Keith McCutchen, Serge Aquo
No falling back