New Classical

Artist: Peter Gach
Composers: Ellen Weller, Madelyn Byrne, Norm Weston
Performers: Peter Gach
Piano music by Southern California composers
Artist: Present Music
Composers: Elena Kats-Chernin, Randall Woolf, Armando Luna
Performers: Present Music
Tag this one Terrific
Artist: University of St. Thomas (UST) Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Composers: Ken Hesketh, Rolf Rudin, Martin Ellerby
Performers: UST Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Out of Minnesota
Artist: Kitty Brazelton
Composers: Kitty Brazelton
Performers: The Time Remaining Band, David Bryan, John Brauer
Make Time for this
Artist: Neil Rolnick
Composers: Neil Rolnick
Performers: Neil Rolnick, Music from China, Todd Reynolds String Quartet
All groove, no downturns. The charts all point up.
Artist: Ushio Torikai
Composers: Ushio Torikai
Performers: Aki Takahashi, Continuum, Renee Jolles
Not restful in the usual sense
Artist: Yuanlin Chen
Composers: Yuanlin Chen
Performers: BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Tan Dun, Melody of China
Legends, journeys and chases; reality vs. mystery.
Artist: Numinous
Composers: Joseph C. Phillips
Performers: Numinous, Ben Kono, Dan Willis
The music, silence and clarity of Joseph C. Phillips, Jr.
Artist: Society for New Music
Composers: Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez, Edward Ruchalski, Marc Mellits
Performers: Society for New Music
Music from the Pulsating Heart of New York
Artist: Denman Maroney
Composers: Denman Maroney
Performers: Denman Maroney, Theo Bleckmann, Iota Jot Yod
WB Yeats, W Stevens and D Maroney; poetry and music in a perfect domestic partnership
Artist: Michael Fiday
Composers: Michael Fiday, Jack Kerouac, Matsuo Basho
Performers: Bart Feller, Linda Mark, Mantra Percussion Quartet
What do Basho and Kerouac have in common?
Artist: Randall Hall
Composers: Randall Hall, Jonathon Kirk, Christian Lauba
Performers: Randall Hall
between and beyond extremes
Artist: Robert Moran
Composers: Robert Moran
Performers: Ensemble Chrismos, Grassauer Blaserensemble, Iowa Percussion
Meditations, mad kings, and flooding
Artist: Ann Millikan
Composers: Ann Millikan
Performers: Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Grigor Palikarov, Emanuele Arciuli
Shadowy trails and gutsy sounds...
Artist: Hildegurls
Composers: Hildegard of Bingen, Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa
Performers: Kitty Brazelton, Lisa Bielawa, Eve Beglarian
Out of the nunnery