5 Time Champion

5 Time Champion

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds
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new classical

Austin, TX

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Feb 17, 2017
Digital Only
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Song TitleTimePrice
1.5 Time Champion (Opening)02:45$0.99
2.Driving to School00:26$0.99
3.Hey Hey Look at You00:32$0.99
5.Julius and Shiley00:49$0.99
6.Driving with Grandpa00:38$0.99
8.Finding a Letter01:02$0.99
9.Shiley in a Thunderstorm00:30$0.99
10.Collecting Worms01:27$0.99
12.Break Up Memories01:03$0.99
13.Grandma Spies00:49$0.99
14.Julius? Julius?00:28$0.99
15.Taking the Pill00:47$0.99
21.Sneaking In00:44$0.99
22.Grandparents Trio01:23$0.99
23.5 Time Champion (Finale)02:13$0.99
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Music Composed and Performed by Graham Reynolds

Recorded and Mixed by Graham Reynolds and Buzz Moran

A Film by Berndt Mader, released in 2011


From the department of wannabe George Washington rural lyricism comes Five Time Champion, a coming-of-age tale that, with every landscape cutaway and twinkling note from its xylophone-heavy score, begs to be taken as a dreamy slice of countryside profundity. In an unnamed Texas town, tween Julius (Ryan Akin) slices worms and then studies their regenerative powers, a science project that attracts an esteemed prep school's attention and, more importantly, speaks to his own desire to heal deep-seated wounds—specifically, the abandonment of his daddy, whom everyone claims is gay. Such apparent slander leads Julius to fight others and to question his own sexuality when he fails to perform in bed with girlfriend Shiley (Noell Coet), whose friendship with another boy arouses jealousy in Julius and leads him to entertain thoughts of turning his affections toward a flirtatious classmate. Just as Julius's desires are torn between two girls, so too are his mom's (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) between wealthy school administrator boyfriend Melvin (Jon Gries) and local hayseed Levi (Justin Arnold), as well as his grandfather's between his wife (Betty Buckley) and the dying mistress whom he openly cares for, much to his spouse's initial chagrin. It's a veritable round-robin of romantic and carnal conflict, laid out by writer-director Berndt Mader with a schematism almost as pronounced as his young lead's one-note woodenness.



Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed and Recorded by Graham Reynolds

A Film by Spencer Parsons, released in 2008


Produced by Graham Reynolds

Recorded at Red House Studio, Austin, TX

Mastered by Buzz Moran


CD Package Design and Layout by Buzz Moran

Photographs by Jimmy Lee Phelan



Movies love to wallow in fate, how it sends us on journeys we never could have predicted. Whether it’s a chance encounter that sparks a deep and lasting connection, or a seemingly inconsequential decision that becomes a profound life changer, filmmakers love to grapple with this mysterious concept.