Two Ballets

Two Ballets

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Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds
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new classical
music for dance

Austin, TX

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Feb 17, 2017
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As long-time collaborators, Ballet Austin’s Steven Mills and Graham Reynolds Reynolds know how to bring out the best in each other. Through The Graham Reynolds Project, these artists synthesized their classically innovative styles in an incredible marriage of movement and music. This latest collaboration features a first for Reynolds-an original, 22-minute composition performed by a 25-piece orchestra. While he still features the cello prominently, Reynolds brings a more symphonic sound to Once Belonging. His musical inspiration for this new work is an interesting mash-up: the Sibelius Violin Concerto, Syzmanoski's Myths, and drum line music. In terms of movement style, Once Belonging is a tribute to classical form expressed through a contemporary lens while thematic phrases tell a story of community and devotion. With tender romanticism in one moment and passionate athleticism the next, Once Belonging is full of humanity, something Mills and Reynolds explore and celebrate in every dance concert they bring to the stage. Bounce features jazzy interludes, pounding percussion and out-of-the-ordinary instrumentation. Gathered in a tight circle of energetic "bounce," eight dancers build a pulsing momentum that explodes across the stage. The fast-paced, driving movement creates a force you can feel, guaranteed to have you bobbing in your set. Reynolds' re-imagined Bach's Suite in A minor serves as the musical foundation for this rambunctious romp of a contemporary ballet.




James Burch - Cello Soloist • Alexis Buffum - Violin Soloist

Violins - Joseph Shuffield, Helen Cooper,, Pasha Sabouri, Christabel Lin, Andrew Corral,

Alexis Buffum, Molly Emerman, James Anderson • Viola - Jason Elinoff • Cello - Tony Rogers

Jeremy Bruch - Drums • Bass - Utah Hamrick • Graham Reynolds - Piano, Drums, Various


Composed and Produced by Graham Reynolds


Recorded by Buzz Moran and Graham Reynolds

Mixed by Buzz Moran, Mike Leach, and Graham Reynolds

Mastered by Mike Leach

Score Preparation by Jon Fielder

Additional Studio Assistance - Cassie Shankman, Alyssa Dillard

Recorded at Red House Studio, Austin, TX

Commissioned by Ballet Austin

Choreography by Stephen Mills

Premiered on April 1st, 2016 at the Long Center for the Performing Arts, Austin, TX



Variations on J.S. Bach’s Suite in A Minor BWV/ 818a


Violin I: Leah Zeger • Violin II: Maurice Chammah • Viola: Will Taylor • Cello: Hector Moreno

Bass: Utah Hamrick • Marimba/ Vibes: Chuck Fischer • Drums: Jeremy Bruch • Baritone/ Alto Sax: John Mills • Trombone: Freddie Mendoza • Piano/ Percussion/ Vibes: Graham Reynolds


Composed, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Graham Reynolds

Recorded at Red House Studio, Austin, TX

Commissioned by Ballet Austin

Choreography by Stephen Mills

Premiered on February 12th, 2010, at the Long Center for Performing Arts, Austin, TX


Cover Design/ Layout by Buzz Moran

Photo of Ashley Lynn Sherman by Tony Spielberg