Why the Sea is Salt

Why the Sea is Salt

GAT's second album
Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds
Golden Arm Trio
TOSCA String Quartet
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new classical

Austin, TX

Release Date: 
Feb 3, 2017
Digital Only
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The second album from the Golden Arm Trio finds sole constant member Graham Reynolds expanding his already formidable stylistic range to new eclectic heights while retaining his ear for strong, memorable melodies. Reynolds is often pigeonholed as a jazz artist merely for lack of a more appropriate term, but his classical compositions for the Tosca String Quartet belie such a designation once and for all. Ironically, the most poignant and beautiful string composition on the album, "The Old Woodcutter," was originally written for two saxophones and drums. This sad and lonely lullaby is presented with living-room intimacy, and it will put a lump in the throat of anyone with a pulse. The album's two main themes, "The Ship" and "The Ship at the Bottom of the Sea," also resonate with uncommon emotive richness. Reynolds juxtaposes the string compositions with everything from a klezmer/exotica hybrid ("Finster Crowley") to a Hammond organ-infused rock instrumental with violin in place of guitar ("Swift Ship Sailing"). This approach showcases the album's diversity, but frequent melodic reprisals unify the album as a more cohesive statement than the Trio's self-titled 1998 debut. If that weren't enough, Reynolds' exquisitely furrowed performances on both piano and percussion continue to be just as awe-inspiring as his compositions. Is there anything this man can't do? -Austin Chronicle


Graham Reynolds - piano, organ, drums, percussion


Featuring the Tosca String Quartet:

Leigh Mohoney - violin

Lara Hicks - violin

Ames Asbell - viola

Sara K. Nelson - cello


Additional Performers:


Thad Scott - saxophones

June Rhee - violin

Laura Phelan - vibraphone

Jefferson Keyton - upright bass

Bruce Colson - violin

Kim Hill - cello

Ben Barnes - violin

Erik Metzger - upright bass

Paul Klemperer - saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet

Buzz Moran - triangle

Jay Rozen - tuba

Jeff Viaclovsky - tenor saxophone


Produced by Graham Reynolds

Recorded by Buzz Moran at Shamrock Studio and Andrew Barron Studio, Austin TX

Tracks 2, 10, 13 recorded by Ben Burton

Track 2 mixed by Bryan Nelson

Track 10 mixed by Chris Payeur

Tracks 5, 14 recorded by Desmond Shea at Division Hi-Fi, San Francisco, CA

Mastered by Russ Smith at Chocolate Media

Artwork and Design by Buzz Moran

Layout by Buzz Moran and April R. Litz


Album originally Co-Released by David Wilcox

Song Title Assistance: Justin Hennard, Ruth Margraff, Kim Hill