Fun With Sounds & Patterns

Fun With Sounds & Patterns

Inside the sound box
Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds
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Austin, TX

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Feb 17, 2017
Digital Only
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2.Alluvial Plains06:02$0.99
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5.A Pale Red Dot07:55$0.99
6.Brat Pack05:12$0.99
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When a composer uses sounds that are generated from inside the computer, as opposed to recording live sounds or instruments, this is called working “inside the box”.  While doing his film scoring work, Reynolds has amassed an arsenal of fun computer software sound generating toys that he had rarely used to create his more personal compositions.  For “Fun with Sounds and Patterns” Graham let loose with these virtual instruments, samples, and effects.

In addition to the “inside the box” sounds, Reynolds mangled and manipulated recordings he had made during sound hunts in Austin and Mexico City, as well as sound design elements from theater work.  Without abandoning melodies or overt structures entirely, Reynolds has created a boisterous, compelling, and joyful noise-based sonic world.  


Produced and Composed by Graham Reynolds

Co-Produced by Buzz Moran and Jon Fielder

Recorded in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico

Mixed and Mastered at Red House Studio, Austin, TX


Additional thanks to the sound designers, recordists and programmers at Spectrasonics,

Audio Damage, ValhallaDSP, Native Instruments, Boom Library, Heavyocity,

Alex Hilton A1 Audio, TDR Nova, and Reaper


Cover Design by Buzz Moran